BeginIT arrives in Hermosillo to develop key technology skills in children from orphanages and rural schools.
17 February 2023, Friday

Hermosillo, Sonora, January, 28, 2023.

It seems obvious, yet there is no doubt that today’s children represent the possibility of our planet becoming a better place in the near future. There is nothing like education to empower them, especially one that focuses on Information Technology (IT). With this in mind, BeginIT presented its new workshop in Hermosillo, Sonora.

"The purpose of BeginIT is to awaken children's interest in professions in the field of intellectual production, boost their personal growth, and guide them in the choice of a future profession; in that sense, Hermosillo is the city where we currently have more collaborations with institutions that have the program's profile, so bringing the program to this key city in northwestern Mexico allows more children to have access to educational training in the tech world," explained Gabriela Bernal, Social Projects Specialist at inDrive.

In this sense, during the program, participants had the opportunity to learn fun and didactic ways to build smart cars from scratch, connecting them through technology to teach them problem-solving skills and thus prepare them for the future. During this presentation event, we had the outstanding presence of the Lizbeth Gutierrez Obeso, Director of Studies and Evaluation of the Ministry of Social Development of Sonora, Alejandra Nieblas, Director of the Program of Migrants Education at the Ministry of Education of Sonora and Lizette Salazar, General Officer for Children’s and Elder’s Rights of Hermosillo.

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The children who are part of the program have access to free annual remote education courses and will also receive financial assistance for the technical equipment they need for their computer classrooms and programming classes. This edition of the initiative in Hermosillo was developed in conjunction with Casa Hogar Todos Somos Hermanos, Casa Guadalupe Libre, and Ciudad de los Niños.

"Undoubtedly, we live in a context where the current challenges require us to be better prepared for the future, a task that must be promoted from childhood, especially in the most vulnerable sectors. That is why BeginIT seeks to help children generate knowledge and skills by solving projects and scenarios in real contexts, connecting through technology," said Bernal.