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BeginIT is a social educational project launched by inDrive in 2012. The program is aimed at identifying and future career guidance of capable children from orphanages, boarding schools, and rural schools in the sphere of new technologies.

The goal is to arouse children's interest in the sphere of intellectual production, to give a headstart to personal growth, to influence the choice of a future profession, and to support their beginnings in IT.

In 2022, in the project, there are 127 orphanages, shelters, and remote rural schools from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, India and Pakistan.

Participating schools are provided with financial assistance for technical equipment of computer classes and programming courses, and additional training. 

“We believe that BeginIT will positively influence the fate of the participants, and among them will appear the new, talented programmers, designers, IT entrepreneurs, scientists and other representatives of the new economy” - CEO & Founder of inDrive Arsen Tomsky.

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Jhonnatan Coronado, 13
Ecosuenos Foundation, Bogota, Colombia
I believe I must improve, the game is really good! I have learned a lot computer coding and a lot of English. Which is good for me because it is really helping me for my schoolwork. I believe I just must dedicate more time to it but overall I am learning a lot from it.
Luna Perilla, 12
Ecosuenos Foundation, Bogota, Colombia
I am at level 30 of the first part, I like that in the game I can practice my English and also I am learning computer codes. I am getting better each time I use the game.
Cecilia Ivette Rivera Vidana
Teacher of Hogares Providencia IAP, Mexico City, Mexico
I liked the Code Combat classes so much. I remember our first class when we were getting everything started, how the children from the first time that they interacted with the game were interested. Now the kids really don’t want to stop learning. They actually ask me 5 minutes more. They really enjoy the classes and they are helping each other learn more and advance.
Johan Rodriguez Infante, 14
Hogares Providencia, Mexico City, Mexico
I like playing Code Combat a lot. I like competing against my classmates to see who can reach higher levels faster. I’m learning a lot of English and coding.

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