How BeginIT celebrated its birthday
28 December 2022, Wednesday

This year marks 10 years since BeginIT was established, and the project set out to celebrate its first major anniversary in a big way: participants from different countries have been running special festive programs to honor this event from October through December. A total of 56 kids from Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile along with their seven teachers, as well as 50 students from India held their celebrations right in their classrooms. They enjoyed sweet treats and received gifts from the project. 
 The festivities turned out to be so much fun that we thought it was worth sharing the news to give you a taste of the atmosphere.

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Our participants congratulated BeginIT on this milestone date and made greeting cards on the Scratch platform, applying in practice the skills they had learned in their programming classes.  
 Check out the cards made by our participants on the Scratch platform:

We extend heartfelt thanks to our participants for their warm wishes, and hope that their participation in the project will bring not only knowledge but also new contacts and new opportunities into their lives!