Kids’ bracelets with their names in binary code
09 September 2022, Friday

 Binary code is a coding system used to convert text, or to process computer instructions, based on the binary digits 0 and 1.

Every web developer has to know what binary code is. Why? Because the basic concepts of binary language underlie the structure of all computers or digital machines. And the programming languages that are in use today serve as the link between humans and machines. 

Programming languages translate information into a language that computers can understand, i.e., binary code. You can't assign any tasks to computers and get the answers you need, unless you're equipped with this knowledge.

We held an event for young participants from schools and orphanages in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to help them learn about this coding system and its importance in programming and web development. The kids were able to put what they learned into practice as they created bracelets with their names in binary code. The event was fun and exciting for the kids and they got to keep the bracelets as a memento.