BeginIT presented an international distance learning project for IT students
05 February 2019, Tuesday

BeginIT presented a 2-year project on distance learning of IT-disciplines for children from rural schools and orphanages in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Colombia.
Teachers and students of 14 rural schools and orphanages in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Colombia will be trained in two groups.

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Today IT-technologies are one of the most perspective and fast-growing spheres. We believe that participation in our project will serve as an impulse for talented children from rural schools and orphanages that will lead them to the world of intellectual professions, change their lives for the better, - says the supervisor of the project, director of the charity fund "inDriver" Alexandra Kirillina.
The first batch of students is being trained on a course developed by Kazakhstan leading programming school "Love To Code". The second batch of participants began the training on the American platform "Code Combat".

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The project is aimed at middle and high school students aged from 12 to 16 years. The participating schools have formed groups of children interested in modern technologies under the supervision of a qualified teacher.

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We have recruited a group of junior and middle school kids of 10-12 years old which is the most suitable age. Our children are active, inquisitive, they show great interest in the IT sphere, many of them have already studied in the school robotics club, even created their mobile games. We believe that learning of programming is very important for modern schoolchildren. According to the school curriculum, computer science starts only from the 7th grade and is allocated only 1 hour a week. In fact, during these lessons we are able to give children only general information about IT sphere. In order to pass the state exams on computer science one hour per week is not enough. Such additional classes are simply necessary for those who would like to enter IT-specialties in the future, - says the headmaster of Killah school Innokenty Malgarov.

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During the year the students will be studying popular programming languages, courses on web-programming, as well as creating games and animation in the Scratch program. Along with the students, their teachers will be trained too, and they will also receive individual lessons.

By the end of the course the students will have the necessary knowledge and skills, that will be useful for them when entering universities in IT disciplines, while the participating schools will receive trained specialists and a curriculum that will enable them to continue teaching the next groups of students.