"I'm going to create programs that'll change the world one day!"
06 September 2021, Monday

Since the beginning of the year, schools in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya have joined our socio-educational project.
Today, we'd like to introduce to you one of our young members from Nigeria, Adeosan Ayomide. Adeosan is 13 years old and is in sixth grade at Banjo Primary School.
She likes studying IT and programming. Thanks to the BeginIT project, she now has the chance to work with a computer, learn programming languages, and write code. In the future, Adeosan would like to get involved in the field of IT.
Our mission is to increase opportunities for children by ensuring that they have a prosperous future. We believe that, in years to come, our members will become in-demand specialists in various fields of IT. These young people have lots of fascinating lessons and things to learn in store for them, which are sure to come in useful!