The BeginIT project has started its work in Africa
22 January 2021, Friday

Last year we started looking for new students from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania for the BeginIT project. The education situation in Africa is complex. For example, not all children's homes have computer labs or internet access, so many of them were unable to join the project.

Nonetheless, we are pleased to introduce our first participants, from the Sparkle Foundation, Lagos City, Nigeria. They have already connected to the training platform with their curator Victor Nwaokoro Maverick and will begin training this month.

The Sparkle Foundation is a nongovernmental organization that was created to help orphans and children from low-income families. Its mission is to empower children, thereby ensuring that they have a prosperous future ahead of them. It is important that children from low-income families have the opportunity to gain knowledge that will help them become in-demand specialists in various fields of IT in the future.

We hope that they enjoy their lessons and gain lots of useful knowledge that will be helpful to them in the future!

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