World Computer Security Day
01 December 2020, Tuesday

World Computer Security Day is an unusual holiday celebrated on November 30. It was on this day in 1988 that the first mass cyberattack took place.
In 1988, Robert Morris, a postgraduate student at Cornell University, in the United States, created one of the first network worms. It shut down more than 6,000 ARPANET network modes, a modern Internet prototype, in the US.

The malware was named "the Morris worm" after its creator. It was an excellent opportunity for network users to think about the vulnerability of personal data stored on their computers.

The Association for Computing Machinery has established the World Computer Security Day to raise awareness around cybersecurity issues. It's a day when conferences, talks, and workshops on Internet security issues are held worldwide. Among the topics discussed are innovations in information security, recommendations on personal data protection, info on the latest cyberattacks, and info on the damage they have done.

November 30 is a great day to change your account passwords, update your antivirus, and back up all important data, photos, and documents. 
Each user must be responsible for changing their passwords and protecting their personal data.

Follow these simple rules to stay safe on the Internet:

  • Install antivirus on your PC.
  • Think up strong passwords for your personal and work e-mails.
  • Don't disclose personal data.
  • Never open suspicious links.

This holiday is for everyone who uses the internet and computers. Protect your personal data and be a conscious web user.

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