My IT Profession: Arsan Timofeev on Android development
20 November 2020, Friday

Today in "My IT Profession", Arsan Timofeev, an Android developer, will answer a few of our questions.
This profession is considered one of the most popular and relevant professions out there, since over 2 billion devices worldwide run on the Android operating system. These are smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and so on. Arsan will tell us about how he got into the profession and give some tips for those interested in programming.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Arsan. I'm an Android developer at inDriver.
I didn't make my way into programming right away. After I finished high school, I studied law, music, and finance and economics, but I didn't finish any of those courses. I worked in different places and spent the last 3 years building my own business, but nothing worked out. 
One day, I was browsing online when I stumbled upon some programming tasks. I don't remember what exactly it was, but I tried to solve them and succeeded! It really inspired me, so I decided to sign up for a course and I liked it. That's how I ended up in Android development.

Tell us about the benefits of being an Android developer as you see them. What is it about this area that attracted you? What about it might interest today's newcomers?

My brother recommended Android development to me. He's a developer, too. I tried it and liked it. Android is pretty widespread around the world, so I decided that that's a very good thing. At the same time, I'm also trying out other programming languages. Maybe I'll find something else I like.

What do you need to know to become a good developer?

You need to know all the features of the language you're using and be good at formulating Google search queries: because a correctly asked question is already half the answer.

What personal skills are essential for a developer?

Good logical thinking, the ability to develop and grow, and learning new things.

The main rule for a developer is...

If it works, it's not a dumb idea.

What are your responsibilities? Describe your work environment.

We have a stand-up meeting in the morning where we discuss the issues of the day, then I work on tickets. Tasks vary. Sometimes, there are bug fixes, refactoring, and, a little less often, I have to add new features and fill out documentation. If I face any issues I can't solve on my own when working on a task, I talk about it at a stand-up meeting, and the team brainstorms on it.

What problems do you deal with every day?

I can't recall any recurring daily problems.

What do you do in your spare time?

I watch movies and TV shows, and I play in a band. Music is a whole separate hobby because I dreamed of becoming a famous rock star. But, as you see, it didn't really work out. I also play computer games, watch all kinds of lectures on programming, read books, and just relax.

Do you support institutional education? Or being self-taught, like a lot of great developers do?

I'm a self-taught man, but I wish I could get a college degree in programming at some point. I don't think you should go to college just for the sake of having a degree. Why waste your time on something you don't need? So, I'd say yes to college when you have a clear understanding of why you need it. It gives you the necessary groundwork, but you're responsible for building it up. Colleges also differ from one college to another, so you need to find the right one for you.

What do you need for mobile development? What kind of software and hardware?

A PC powerful enough to run Android Studio, which is very resource-intensive. And a Mac for iOS.

What would you say to those who'd like to start programming or are just starting to consider it?

Study and grow! Try things out, break things, fix them, then break and fix them again. Think about what's not quite right and do what you wanted to do!

We'd like to thank Arsan for this great interview and wish him the best of luck with his professional endeavors!

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