A Programmer's Dictionary
30 October 2020, Friday

Today in the "A Programmer's Dictionary" section, we'll be discussing terms that are popular in the field of information technology, such as device, domain, and developer. You'll also learn what is meant by deadline, demo, deploy, etc. 

A device is any technical device, for example a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart watch, or household appliance. 

A domain is a unique address or the name of a website on the internet. For example, our site's web link, beginit.org, is a domain that has two parts: "beginit" is the domain name, while "org" is the generic top-level domain.

Development refers to the development of programs, the creation of program code, or to the visualization and concept of a game or application. 

A developer refers, in this case, to a developer of programs, applications, and games.

A junior developer is an entry-level programmer, a developer who has minimal experience and skills.

A deadline refers to the date or time of completion or delivery of a project or task.

A demo refers to a demonstrative or trial version of a website or application. Demos with a trial version tend to have a period after which the full version can be purchased and used without restrictions. 

Deploy refers to the transfer of software (executable code) to the server or device where it will be functioning.

A designer is a specialist who deals with design. Designers can work in a number of primary areas:

  • Interior and building design
  • Graphic design related to commercials
  • 3D design for creating animations with presentations and layouts
  • Landscape design, the layout of land plots, as well as parks with gardens
  • The design of clothes, shoes, and accessories

A driver is a special program that helps a computer's operating system to identify a device. There are many such programs for any device that can be connected to a computer.

A direct is a messenger inside a specific application, for example, on Instagram, that can be used to correspond, communicate, and exchange information.

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