Ten skills of a programmer
12 August 2020, Wednesday

     This list contains the ten most important skills that will help both in work and in communicating with colleagues. And they are applicable not only to the profession of a programmer, but to any job. And to those who want to become a real professional in their field.

  1. Competent time-management: plan your work and draw up a schedule. The programmer must be able to prioritize in such a way that problems are solved on time and solutions do not lead to dead ends.
  2. Purposefulness. In order to get the final result, you need to complete the task to the end and not give up what you started halfway. For this you need perseverance and the ability to overcome failure.
  3. Communication skills. Such skills are needed to share knowledge and experience. Be open, connect, and meet new people. Don't be afraid to ask for help and help others, it encourages communication. Communication skills are the ability to listen, hear and understand. And also be attentive to the details of the message (written or oral), be able to briefly and clearly express your thoughts. And learn to explain complex concepts in simple words.
  4. Ability to work in a team.
    Teamwork allows you to accomplish tasks that are too difficult for one person and to participate in large projects. The team can and should use the brainstorming method.
  5. Resistance to stress. One of the main qualities that is appreciated and demanded in almost any area. The ideal programmer should be able to deal with stressful situations and be able to keep working. The main skill is the ability to work in any environment.
  6. Be creative. You need to see the full picture, trust your intuition and envision how you can solve the tasks.
  7. Emotional intelligence. Emotion management skills helps to adapt more easily to a team, to achieve success. When we understand and control our emotions, we can make more informed and balanced decisions.
  8. Skill of overcoming difficulties. Good professionals must have a lot of patience, as any given task can contain a variety of difficulties.
  9. Ability to make the right decisions. This will allow you to efficiently collect and analyze the necessary data and draw the right conclusions. And then, on their basis, it will be possible to formulate your own opinion and make the right decisions that will help you move towards your goals.
  10. Willingness and motivation to learn. Technology is advancing rapidly, especially in the field of programming, and today's skills and abilities will become obsolete within a few years. It is important that the programmer follows the news of the IT-field and is ready to learn new things.

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