World System Administrator Day
31 July 2020, Friday

 World System Administrator Day is celebrated on the last Friday of July, this year it is on July 31st. This holiday is an expression of gratitude to the representatives of this profession. It is sometimes called System Administrator Appreciation Day. There are even big festivals with thousands of system administrators taking part.
This day was first created back in 2000 by a Chicago-based sysadmin Ted Kekatos, who decided that once a year sysadmins should be celebrated by grateful users.
Who is a system administrator after all? What are his duties? Let's figure it out.
A system administrator is a specialist who maintains the correct and uninterrupted operation of computer equipment, is engaged in setting up a local network, software in offices and companies. He is also responsible for network security, the performance of computers and computer programs.

Main responsibilities: 

  • preparation and saving of data backups, data recovery;
  • installation, configuration and updating of office software;
  • technical support and user assistance;
  • ensuring the performance of office equipment;
  • purchase of computer and office equipment.

Often, the responsibilities of a system administrator do not end there and include even more functions. Large organizations have entire systems administration departments.
System administrators can be divided into several categories:

  • network administrator;
  • database administrator;
  • system engineer;
  • network security administrator.

A professional system administrator must be well versed in computer technology. He must constantly monitor the development of computer technology and put new products into practice. A system administrator must be proficient in multitasking, have good communication skills and stress resistance.
Today we celebrate system administrators and those who will choose this carrier path in the future! No office can work without them! We wish you systems without failures, and for every task to be solved easily!