Scratch programming language
23 July 2020, Thursday

A programming language is a special language for writing computer programs. It is a set of rules that allows a computer to perform a computational process. Currently, there are many similar programming languages. Among them the most popular are Python, Swift, Java, JavaScript. , c #, c ++, php, Ruby, html and Scratch.

In a new column, we will tell you about the most popular programming languages, their features and differences. At the end of the article you can find a selection of books for learning the language. Improve your skills with us!

So, today we will tell you about the most popular language for novice programmers - the Scratch language.
Scratch is being developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA by a team of several programmers specifically for children. At the moment there are already several versions of this language. The last one was released in January 2019, and now Scratch 3.0 is the main version.

This language was invented specifically for children and teenagers who are interested in programming. It is ideal for those who have no experience in this field. It is the most accessible, intuitive and easy-to-use language.

With the help of Scratch, you can learn how to create interactive and animated presentations, stories, games, quizzes. All the codes have already been written and divided into blocks, you only need to connect them to create your games. It's almost like a LEGO set. In addition to ready-made blocks, there are also ready-made characters, but they can also be drawn independently, if desired, using a graphics tablet. You can also add sounds to your game. Scratch helps to develop logical, algorithmic and creative thinking, and to better understand how new technologies that surround us in everyday life work, and you can create a lot of different games pretty quickly.

Some schools hold online contests and hackathons on programming through the Scratch platform.

Scratch is such a simple language that you can start learning it on your own.

We have selected several useful books for you so you can do that:

  • Learn to Program with Scratch
    By Majed Marji
    A tutorial on programming. This book is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to program from scratch. This book has many benefits. For one, the author is the senior developer at General Motors. Each chapter in it is a separate complete program. Each time, the tasks gradually become more difficult. Also in the book you can find funny questions and mini-games on the margins.
  • Scratch Programming Playground: Learn to Program by Making Cool Games
    By Al Sweigart
    An interesting, clear and colorful Scratch tutorial for children. By creating fun classic games such as Snake and Fruit Ninja as examples, readers not only master Scratch, but also better understand basic programming principles.
  • Coding for Kids: Create Your Own Video Games with Scratch
    By Johan Aludden,
    Frederica Gambel, Viviana Figus, Federico Vagliasindi.
    This book details Scratch 2.0. Young computer geniuses who have mastered it no longer need to buy or download new video games - now they can create them on their own!

In this column, we will keep sharing information about most popular programming languages of our time with you.
Stay tuned to learn more!