A Programmer's Dictionary
11 June 2020, Thursday

We would really like our participants to learn lots of new things, including new terms that will help them in their programming studies. To do this we are launching a new feature: "A Programmer's Dictionary", dedicated to the concepts and terms used by professionals.
We prepared this feature with the cooperation of our fellow programmers. 

Let's see where the IT alphabet begins.

Admin - a system administrator or network administrator. The admin's tasks include ensuring the normal operation of servers and computers, setting up and reinstalling software, and overseeing equipment in general. An admin can also be a website administrator who is responsible for the website's operation.

Algorithm - a sequence of actions for accomplishing any task. 

Upgrade - a replacement of hardware with a more modern version.

Update - a rebuilding or replacement of a program or system (software) with the newest, latest version.

Outsource - the transferal of certain types of work to specialists outside a company, such as freelancers. Different tasks may be outsourced, including programming. 
For example, there are financial offices that do work for dozens of other companies, without being employees of those companies.

Read more in our new feature! If you don't happen to see the word you need, or there are concepts you want to know more about, let us know: we'll add them and explain all about it.