Pixel art competition from the BeginIT project
03 June 2020, Wednesday

On the eve of International Children's Day, the BeginIT project announces an art competition among its participants! 
The competition is dedicated to pixel art*. It is a competition for original works using a small number of colors and a low image resolution, where each pixel is set by the artist manually.

Competition theme: My game character. 
We have a Games Development course, where originality and creativity are highly valued. And skill in creating your characters is very useful here. 
The character must be entirely the artist's own work, converting or borrowing other people's images or parts of them is prohibited.
Maximum number of colors: No more than 64.
Image size: No more than 320x240 pixels.

Work entirely carried out using any 2D and 3D graphic editors or on paper may be entered, so long as it meets the technical requirements in full. 
Participants may use any graphic editors or sites to create their pixel art, for example: Aceprite, GraFX2, Pixlr, PiskelApp or any other as the participant chooses.

The online contest deadline has been extended to 30 June, 2020.

To participate in the competition, email finished work to beginit@indriver.com and be sure to include the word “Pixel” in the subject line, attaching the following information to the message: 

  • full name of the participant and, optionally, a pseudonym to be used with their artistic work;
  • their age;
  • name of the educational institution attended by the participant;
  • name and description of the character (including a brief life story);
  • name of the software used to create the character;
  • participant's address to receive the prize.

Participants in the competition will be awarded diplomas and prizes and their work will be exhibited on our website and social networks. 
Organizer of the competition: inDriver Charity Fund.
More about the competition here: Competition Rules & Conditions
*Note: Pixel art (pixel is short for pix or picture element) is a form of digital image created on a computer using a raster graphics editor, where the image is edited at the pixel (dot) level and the resolution is low enough that the individual pixels are clearly visible.