Results of the flashmob by BeginIT participants
21 May 2020, Thursday

Last week we started the flashmob “We are all in code together! Stay at home", it has united our participants during social distancing. 11 schools and more than 90 students from different districts of Yakutia took part in it.
Thank you for being active and willing to support those who don't stop studying and developing even in this hard time!

the Namskaya school №2 from Namtsy village

photo_2020-05-12_14-32-34.jpg (272 KB)

the Hampinskaya school from Vilyuisk district

photo_2020-05-14_09-00-18.jpg (157 KB)

the Magarasskaya school from Gorny district

photo_2020-05-14_14-07-17.jpg (180 KB)

the Sottinskaya school from Ust-Aldan district

photo_2020-05-14_16-46-57.jpg (197 KB)

the Chakyrskaya school from Amga district

photo_2020-05-15_09-46-47.jpg (188 KB)

the Kachikatskaya school from Khangalass disctrict

photo_2020-05-15_09-47-03.jpg (123 KB)

the Igideyskaya school from Tatta district

photo_2020-05-15_10-10-12.jpg (148 KB)

the Khatylynskaya school from Churapcha districtphoto_2020-05-15_17-34-11.jpg (144 KB)

the Chakyrskaya school from Churapcha district

photo_2020-05-16_16-05-52.jpg (79 KB)

the Legoyskaya school from Ust-Aldan district

photo_2020-05-16_16-06-10.jpg (99 KB)

the Kutana school №7 from Aldan district

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