BeginIT project turns 7!
27 September 2019, Friday

Developing ourselves, we develop the world!

On September 28, the BeginIT social and educational project turns 7.

One of the main corporate values ​​of the Sinet Team is being caring, non-indifferent. This value and the team’s mission to develop the world in 2012 turned into a social project that has changed and is changing the fate of many children of Yakutia and from around the world for the better.

In September 2012, the Sinet Team decided to launch a new social project aimed at supporting, vocational guidance and education of children from vulnerable groups.

“The doors of our office in Yakutsk have always been open to guests. We gladly conducted and continue to conduct excursions for schoolchildren and students, telling them about IT - about our job, about a huge and interesting field that is changing the whole world. In 2012, we decided to give such an opportunity to children who, most often do not have such an opportunity, unlike peers from metropolitan schools - children from dysfunctional families, pupils of boarding schools and orphanages, as well as students from remote areas of Yakutia”, - says  Alexandra Kirillina, the head BeginIT project.

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For seven years, the project have held many events, excursions, master classes, equipped computer classes and robotics clubs for schools and boarding schools, conducted a large number of classes, wrote a huge number of lines of code and passed many levels of programming.

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First acquaintance with the IT world

In the early years, the project organized excursions to the company’s office in Yakutsk. For many participants from remote and inaccessible places of Yakutia, participation in the program was the first opportunity not only to get acquainted with the IT world, but also to visit the capital of the republic for the first time.

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The Ust-Nersky Center for Assistance to Children became one of the first participants in the social program for career guidance. The center is located far in the north-east of the republic in a small village, which for most of the year is connected with the world only by air. Having become participants in the program, students of the Ust-Nersky Center were able to visit Yakutsk several times.

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From 2015 to 2018, 178 children from 12 schools in Yakutia participated in the project.

The two-day program for project participants includes study tours, quests, and communication with Sinet Team specialists. In addition, a cultural program was also organized for children - trips to museums, cinemas, children's studios and other interesting places.

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This form of events is designed to show participants how interesting and exciting IT technologies can be and how they can help to make any idea come true.

From acquaintance to practice

The next step in the development of the BeginIT was to provide project participants with the necessary and modern equipment for computer classes and robotics clubs. Many orphanages, boarding and rural schools in Yakutia were provided with new equipment and technical base.

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Under this program, a computer class was equipped for the Verkhnevilyuisk center for helping orphans and Lego Mindstorms kits for robotics and programming training were purchased. At present, in the computer class, the Stimul club is held, where children are preparing for conferences, olympiads, write essays, and do homework. Also, children are engaged in a robotics club, which was created in February 2018 and is equipped with laptops and special kits.

From participation in BeginIT to professional peaks

The main success of the BeginIT project is that it not only gives children useful knowledge and skills, but also really inspires them to further self-realization in the field of information technology.

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The results of BeginIT are the project participants who have chosen the field of IT technologies as their future profession or somehow connected their lives with this field, became specialists in it and achieved success:

Valeria Novopashina, Oksana Muntean, Rada Timofeeva - graduated from the Susumansky professional lyceum of the Magadan region with a degree in “Master in Digital Information Processing”.

Cherdonov Nikita, Mikhailov Gennady - members of the Robotics club, champions of the Robofest in Olekminsky district, prize-winners of the “Step into the Future” conference in Olekminsk, prize-winners of the Republican Conference “Beginner Farmer”, participants of the national competitions “Junior Skills”, champions of municipal stage of "World Skills", Olekminsk, with competence “mobile robotics”.

Valeria Golovchenko and Maria Zueva - are studying at the Magadan College of Technology with a degree in Graphic Design;

Sergey Muntyan - is studying at the Magadan College of Technology with a degree in Computer Network Adjuster.

Pupils from the Killakh school of the Olekminsky district are participants in the Republican scientific conference “Step into the Future”, developers of the Android-based game based on the epic “Nyurgun Bootur - The Swift”.

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Free IT learning worldwide

Last year, the project expanded its activities and launched a program for free distance learning of programming to not only provide professional guidance, but also provide an opportunity to truly receive a basic education in the IT field.

In 2018, 14 orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools began distance learning of IT disciplines on the CodeCombat platform.

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This program provides the opportunity to learn coding, web development and game development skills for free. At the moment, there are already more than 150 students who have completed or are taking courses.

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Every year, the BeginIT project continues to grow, helping students find their place in the world, gain the skills necessary to become competent specialists in the future, not only in IT, but also in any field of intellectual and highly qualified professions.