The BeginIT project participants are developing a mobile game based on the Olonkho epic “Nyurgun Bootur”.
12 September 2019, Thursday

Pupils of Kyllakh School in Olekminsky district, Yakutia in Russia,  joined the BeginIT project in October last year. Under the guidance of computer science teacher Nyurgun Bunchin, children learn programming, web development, and animation and game development. And now, young programmers are developing a mobile game based on Olonkho “Nyurgun Bootur”.

“The project has no analogues in the world, it combines the laconicism of the interface with a rather complex game logic of tasks. One of the goals of our project is to popularize the heroic epic among young people, ”says Nyurgun Bunchin.

image_10092019_Wl1p4GpGwk_1568079036.png (152 KB)

To create the game, the developers have studied the work of Platon Oyunsky “Nyurgun Bootur The Swift”, written a script, developed a two-dimensional layer of the game - Orto Doydu, created the design of the main character and the images of  villains.

The project team includes:

  • Head: Bunchin N.L .;
  • programmers: Nyurgun Andreev (10th grade), Andrey Efimov (10th grade), Anatoly Shepelev (5th grade);
  • computer graphic designers: Nyurgun Andreev (10th grade), Sandal Larionov (7th grade), Maria Maximova (8th grade), Nikita Maximov (9th grade);
  • Screenwriters: A.A.Bunchin (teacher of the Yakut language and literature), Rodion Danilov (10th grade), Nadia Akimova (9th grade);
  • Editor: A.S. Kornilova, teacher of literary creativity.

image_10092019_BeEohMckUg_1568079036.png (159 KB)

Despite the difficulties with the Internet, 2 GB of traffic is only enough for a short period of time: in the morning from 8 AM to 11 AM, students of the Killakh school are actively developing and implementing their application. Currently, the game is under development and there are two levels, the game’s release is planned to Ysyakh Olonkho 2020, which will be held in Olekminsk, the game will be available on the Android platform.

“In our opinion, the game is very interesting for children and adults, it  is developing game, because when you play it, you learn something new. We hope that our game will appeal to fans of computer games ", - the young developers said.


To apply for participation in the project,  fill out a special application.