Acquaintance with our teachers. Cecilia Yvette Rivera from Mexico.
26 August 2019, Monday

Interview with the BeginIT Project teacher, Cecilia Yvette Rivera from Mexico.

Cecilia teaches and oversees programming courses at the Hogares Providencia IAP in Mexico City.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Cecilia Rivera. I’m from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in Mexico. I came to live to Mexico City because of my parents’ job in a very young age. My family consists of my parents, two sisters and a brother, for a long time we were traveling with our parents because of their job, we really enjoyed it a lot because it was really exciting for us to see new places. We established in Mexico City and ever since I started school I knew I wanted to attend college for computer science. And when my parents got an opportunity to be Directors of an Orphan house in Acapulco with 90 kids, I started teaching these kids basic computer classes, and I really enjoyed this time of my life. Before joining inDriver I was teaching computer classes in a kindergarten, for me is a privilege to teach kids and watch them grow and know that I can make an impact in their life. What is the most important in teaching? What is your mission and message as a teacher? One of the most important things about teaching is that all students advance and learn at the different rhythm. The most important thing is to understand that each student learns at his own rhythm. We have to give them their space to evolve. Something that I’ve learned is that if you as a teacher enjoy teaching, students will enjoy learning as well. And I believe the most important thing is that we have to establish the connection, when they feel comfortable with me and feel like they can tell me anything. 

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What kind of personal qualities should the person who works with children have? 

Person who works with children has to be empathetic, persistent, self-confident, capable of solving problems, emotionally mature, knowledgeable, tolerable and loving.

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Why did you choose this profession? 

I think, teaching is the way to impact positively the life of another person and to leave a mark on their life. 

For me being a teacher is to leave a mark on the life of each kid. 

What is the most important in taking care of children? 

I think the most important in taking care of children is being attentive to what they are doing, try to engage with them and to not get distracted. 

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Why do you think Informational Technologies are so important for growing generation? 

Because we are giving the students tools for future.Maybe, one of them, by attending this class, will have the itch to continue learning programming. 

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What are your feelings about BeginlT Project? 

It's been really exciting watching how the kids learn each time they use the game, how much they enjoy it. I consider that it has been really useful and that we have had good results. 

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Was it useful for students? Did they succeed and what are their results? 

Yes, seeing their skills and the support that they give each other to reach new levels, and how it’s become a lot easier for them to understand the higher levels. 

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What kind of advice can you give to teachers and students? 

Just to enjoy the classes and try to get to know each one of the kids because they have different learning curves and try to impact their lives in a positive way. 

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The BeginIT educational project has been implemented in Russia for seven years, but this year it is entering the international level for the first time and will cover 12 countries of Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa and Kazakhstan.

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