Results of the first BeginIT courses in Karachi
27 January 2023, Friday

In September 2022, as part of the BeginIT socio-educational project, inDrive launched its first IT center in Pakistan, in Karachi. The project was implemented in partnership with an NGO, the JDC Foundation, which plays an active role in providing free education to disadvantaged students in Karachi.
Kids were accepted for the Introduction to Information Technology course after applying and writing a motivational letter.
Based on the results of initial testing, 25 students were divided into two groups, according to the extent of their knowledge.

The courses lasted four months, and students familiarized themselves with the structure of a computer and learned what software is and what kinds there are. They learned how to work with Paint, Notepad, and WordPad, and create documents, slides, and presentations using MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They learned how to use HTML and CSS to create websites.
In mid-January, participants took their final exam and received participation certificates for the BeginIT courses.

"We successfully completed the course. We, the trainers, are very grateful to BeginIT for giving the students this opportunity. Every student learned something in this course.
To all students! We value your interest and the efforts you have made. We love you all. You can all come to us for advice at any time. Best of luck to all of you! You have a long journey ahead of you! Keep on shining and making us happy!”, said Muskan Amjad, trainer of Group 1.

“Thanks to our trainers for what you’ve taught us, we’re so pleased to have trainers like you! May Allah praise both of you!
 Thank you, BeginIT and inDrive, for giving us this amazing opportunity!” - Maham Masrur, student.
We’d like to share with you some pictures from the last lesson:

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We’re very proud of our participants, and hope that this course has helped them acquire new skills and brought them closer to their future careers!
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