Children and the Future of Mobility: A Workshop in India, Agra
23 November 2022, Wednesday

At a 'The Future of Mobility' workshop, 42 students from three rural schools near the Indian city of Agra learned about the mechanisms used in four-wheeled robotics and how these machines are programmed. The workshop, held on 28th October, was organized by the BeginIT social-education project in collaboration with Tinkerly. BeginIT is one of inDrive's nonprofit projects.

 Tinkerly specializes in teaching the mastery of robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as programming and the Internet of Things.
With BeginIT, we're trying to connect with young children through technology to instill problem-solving skills and prepare them for their future,' said Pavit Nanda Anand, public relations manager at inDrive in South Asia.

 We organized a fun and educational workshop for the children where they learned how to assemble smart cars from scratch. This activity gave the children a more detailed knowledge of transportation and cars and hopefully will help raise the next generation of engineers, designers, and inventors. They learned how to work with a program that is based on STEM education elements and is focused on the future development of transportation,' she added
During the workshop, children learned about design thinking, conceptualization, and working with microcontrollers and sensors, without which, for example, creating a crewless car is impossible.

Tinkerly's dream is to make STEM education more accessible. In partnership with BeginIT, we offer students an excellent basic knowledge of robotics, with which they can learn how to design a car with their own hands. At the workshop, the kids were introduced to the basics of robotics and invited to compare what the first cars were like and what the future holds for them today. At the end of the class, all the children built and programmed their crewless car using a microcontroller from the popular Arduino electronic constructor,' said Sharad Bansal, co-founder, and CEO of Tinkerly.

The BeginIT project was launched at the initiative of inDrive in 2012. The project is aimed at identifying capable children from orphanages, boarding schools, and rural schools to introduce them to new technologies. 

BeginIT aims to promote children's personal growth, make technology exciting and accessible to everyone, regardless of social and financial status, and guide and influence the choice of future careers. Currently, 1,300 children from 127 orphanages, shelters, and remote rural schools in Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India participate in BeginIT.