The BeginIT project announces free programming courses!
19 August 2019, Monday

The BeginIT social educational project launches a new academic year of free distance courses of programming and web design for children from orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools all around the world!

At the end of the course, each student will have the skills of programming, web design and animation. Participation in the project can be an impulse that will lead them into the world of intellectual professions, will change their life for the better.

To participate in the project you need:

  • recruit a group of 6-10 children of 12-16, interested in IT technologies.
  •  a computer class with an Internet access.
  • interested mentor, computer science teacher, who will oversee the courses.
  • the opportunity to set courses (2 times a week for 2 hours) in the educational program.

Courses last 6 months, at the end of the course certificates are issued.

After completing the courses, the children will participate in the BeginIT Challenge contest, in which they can win awesome prizes, for example: a new computer class.

For more information, or to receive a personalized recommendation on our project, you can reach with us: