Students from Mexico on a programming course: study programming, it's worth it!
06 May 2022, Friday

Students from the Mexican foundation Fundación aquí nadie se rinde have successfully completed their course studying programming as part of our project, and are glad to be able to share their thoughts and future plans. Our pupils are very talented and brimming with new ideas. Together with their teacher, Giro Hernandes, they studied the Python programming language and the rudiments of coding.

Alva Sanchez Mario Alfredo, aged 16

I'm currently at secondary school, studying mechatronics. I got involved in the project because I was interested in finding out about programming. The Python programming language is very dynamic and easy to get the hang of. I haven't figured out what I want to be in the future yet: maybe a bionics engineer, or maybe a math teacher. But one thing I do know for sure is that I'd like to study robotics someday. 

I think the BeginIT project is going to be useful for teenagers, because it prompts you to find out what programming really is. The advice I want to give the participants is: study programming, it's worth it!

Alexis Tonatio Tapia Luna, aged 16

I like studying new things, so that I can help other people in the future. What I like the most is the fact that we can develop skills that allow us to visualize content. In the future, I'd like to become a computer systems engineer. Systems engineering programming - that's what I'm going to study when the time comes! My advice to guys who want to study programming is: keep on moving forward as if there are no obstacles in your way. If you can imagine it, you can program it. 

We have to program new dreams and new horizons.

Antonio de Jesus Gutierrez Isidro, aged 18

I'm studying at high school. I'm good at painting, I like sport, and I really like computers too. I want to dedicate myself to IT. I pick things up quickly and I also love to help people who really need it. 

I enjoyed the courses, they were an excellent way to study programming. In the future I'm going to choose between these potential careers: programmer and tattoo artist, or maybe I'll do both! But I'm definitely going to study IT, I know that for certain. 

The advice I would like to give to other participants is that they mustn't give up, and must achieve what they want to achieve.