New participants from Africa
28 March 2022, Monday

We have recently been joined by seven agricultural schools from Nigeria and Tanzania; and 70 new students have enrolled in our courses. A few of them shared their opinions and told us about their impressions.

Students from Debribant High School, Tanzania
"I’m studying under this project for my future profession. I plan to work for a company that deals with the web, one like the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority", - Cecile Kabuje Ntume.

"The project is very interesting and relevant. It’s given me even more inspiration to study programming", - Jackson Jerome Maulana.

"The project has helped me find out various things that I didn’t know before this course. It is very useful, and I am therefore going to study more and more", - Arlen Gidius Mushi.

Kinondoni Junior School, Tanzania
"The classes on the CodeCombat platform at BeginIT help students working on technical subjects", - Edward Gambo.

"CodeCombat is helping me find out about computer languages. Thank you!" - Frida Adam.

Participant from Mkuti Primary School, Tanzania

"I love playing the different games. I really like the project. In the future, I want to teach children coding like my teacher does", - Aisha Juma Rashidi.

"This learning platform is very good. I like playing a game that makes me think harder, some codes can be pretty difficult, you know", - Abdul Saidi Shaibu.

"When I started studying programming, my brain began to think better than it did before. I learned how to solve some problems that I often meet with. Honestly, this game has improved my thinking abilities for other school subjects, too. I’m grateful to the project and to my programming teacher!" - Amina Khasimu Fadhili.

Amazing Grace School

"The teaching in the BeginIT project helped me develop my thinking and problem-solving skills", - Nwani Goodluck.

"Now I have a better understanding of syntax, in a playful, entertaining form. BeginIT is cool", - Nwafor Goodness.

Mayzer Memorial Foundation School

"BeginIT awakened in me an interest in informatics and computer programming. Now I’ve got a good understanding of lines and arguments", - Gladdys Mereku.

"I learned that control structures are blocks which analyze variables and choose a direction of travel based on the parameters entered. BeginIT has had a positive impact on my career as a programmer", - Destiny Ibe.

Precious Jasper Foundation

"My dream of becoming an IT specialist is gradually coming true thanks to what I’m learning through BeginIT. I have learned about lots of things, for instance: syntax, lines, comments, arguments and, above all, While-True cycles", - Chiamaka Emmanuel.

"I now know what While-True Loops, lines and arguments are. I want to be an expert at Python", - Blessing Obioma.

We sincerely believe that in the future, these kids are going to be highly sought-after experts in various IT fields. Our students can look forward to a lot of interesting lessons and knowledge that will come in useful!