About our project 
25 March 2022, Friday

BeginIT is a social and educational project by inDriver, which began in 2012. The project program is aimed at helping talented kids from orphanages, boarding schools and agricultural schools discover the field of modern technology and give them a good grounding for potentially entering the profession.

The project’s goal is to get the children interested in professions in the field of intellectual creation, give them the drive to obtain personal growth, and influence their choice of profession in the future.
By 2022 there were 127 orphanages, children’s homes and remote agricultural schools taking part in the project, from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Indonesia and India.

Those involved in the core program get free online tuition in the basic principles of programming for a year.

To take part in the project, head over to our site by clicking the link in the profile header and fill out an application form. We’ll get back to you very soon

Any questions? Write to us at beginit@indriver.com