Our participants on their future plans
21 March 2022, Monday

Our students include many who have serious plans to work in programming in the future, with IT as part of their life. We asked participants in our project about their future plans, and to share their ideas about our training.

Blessing Obioma

Programming has taught me to be resilient and never give in when I fail. I am going to be a UI/UX designer and also build free websites for NGOs that really want to help the less poor and less privileged access free food, shelter and clothing. 

Blessing Obioma, 12 y.o. Precious Jasper Foundation, Nigeria 

Chinaza Nwankwor

I love programming because it shows me how things actually build up and work on the Internet. I want to work with the police when I grow up to combat Cyber Crimes. 

Chinaza Nwankwor, 13 y.o. Mayzer Memorial Foundation, Nigeria 

Nwafor Goodness

Programming gives me the ability to solve problems, a trait that is useful in life in general. I want to become an excellent problem solver through coding so that I can build application software for companies. 

Nwafor Goodness, 12 y.o. Amazing Grace, Nigeria 

Salha Frida Adam

I am learning coding because it provides a better understand of the world. 
Learning programming will help digital transformation because it is a language of computers.

Salha Frida Adam, 13 y.o. Kinondini Primary School, Tanzania

Elisa Kayna Acuña Benites

I like the idea of being able to create anything with programming, and I particularly like creating web pages like we do in Code Combat. When I grow up, I want to work with everything that has to do with Technology, such as computers. I really like programming and I would like to be an Information Technology Specialist.

Elisa Kayna Acuña Benites, 10 y.o. "Corazón de Jesús" (Heart of Jesus) Home, Peru.

Mayte Abigail Huaman Pari

I like programming because it's very entertaining and fun, and we get to learn through little games. When I grow up, I want to work on making videogames and websites. I really like the idea of being an Information Technology Specialist.

Mayte Abigail Huaman Pari, 15 y.o. "Corazón de Jesús" (Heart of Jesus) Home, Peru.

Maria Fernanda Montoya Ortega

What I like about programming is that I can learn another language and train myself to achieve direct communication with the technological environment around us. I want to be somebody who is capable of doing my job well as a professional.

Maria Fernanda Montoya Ortega, 17 y.o. Colour and Hope Foundation, Colombia