C programming language
18 March 2022, Friday

C programming language was created in 1972. But it is still the current language thanks to its continued development.

This language stands out for its speedy performance and good response, i.e. fast action and productivity, and a lot of companies have been applying it effectively for many years.

C programming language enables you to write:

  • operating systems, as this language frequently forms the basis of the work of popular software in different areas: from mobile devices to supercomputers;
  • open-source programming - software with an open source code;
  • drivers of devices that are necessary for connection to various types of equipment and PCs: keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, etc.
  • programming language. Using C as a basis, a lot of other so-called C-like programming languages have been created (for example, C++, C#, Java, Objective C, Perl, Scala, and others);
  • databases (for example, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL, and so on);
  • graphic libraries (for example, Cairo, OpenGL, SDL, and so on);
  • integrated devices: vending machines, cash registers, parking robots, your car’s software and hardware system;
  • aerospace and aviation systems.