Our project has upgraded its work in Kazakhstan
16 March 2022, Wednesday

Welcome to our new participants from three rural schools in the Karaganda Region! The youngsters have already completed several stages of training at IT and Games Development level.

Their teachers have shared their reviews of the project on our training platform.
 Aldiyar Yergaliyevich Sandybayev, Altynsarin KGU OSH School, Karaganda Region, Nurin District:

“My name is Aldiyar Sandybayev, and I am an IT teacher at a rural school. I run workshops on programming and robotics, and my students have attained decent results. The BeginIT project has become an additional teaching tool for me and my students.
The platform is very entertaining. We have been working on it for a month, and the students really like it. Lessons are held once a week, when we solve tasks and help those struggling to keep up.
We’re grateful to the project organizers! I think the BeginIT project is the best way for kids to master programming.”

Dmitry Vladimirovich Melnik, the Gagarin KGU School-College, Karaganda Region, Shetsky District:

“Instruction is provided as a variable element. The students like it, and for the teacher, everything is done well. An excellent site with a good choice of options for learning programming. The tasks range from simple to more complex.”

We wish our new participants success in their studies and development in the sphere of IT