Programming is…
11 March 2022, Friday

 … the process of creating computer programs.

  • Programmer - is a specialist who creates computer programs. He or she composes an algorithm and translates it into a special language - a programming language. There are a great many such languages.
  • The main aim of programming is to make people’s lives easier, and their work more efficient, and it is therefore actively used in many spheres of activity.
  • Programming has many possibilities. You can use it to create sites, games, mobile apps, online stores, and social networks, as well as operating systems and software.
  • Programming is an area that is growing in size and importance every year. It’s an interesting activity, and one with prospects, which is why millions of people have taken it up. Our BeginIT project helps teenagers to take their first steps in programming and move closer to their dream - to be a programmer.
  • Our site lets you enrich your vocabulary of professional programming jargon by reading the posts tagged #ProgrammersReferenceBeginIT.

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