Scratch Game Development Contest for Latin American Participants
16 November 2021, Tuesday

Last week, Halloween and Day of the Dead lessons were held in Latin America. Participants from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Mexico took part in thematic lessons where they shared sweets and competed in their skills.

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Intitución Ciudad de los niños , Hermosillo, Mexico

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Ejercito de Salvación, Torreon, Mexico

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Fundación Cristo de la Calle, Ibarra, Ecuador

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Fundación héroes y valientes, Bucaramanga, Colombia

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Fundación color y esperanza, Choco, Colombia

At this event, we decided to hold a contest to create games based on the Scratch platform. Participants were divided into five groups and had to create games devoted to Halloween and the Environment. Everyone showed what they were capable of.

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We were pleased with the results from all participants. Everyone did their best and invested all their knowledge and skills into the project. We were happy to play the first games developed by our young programmers. You can play them too. Projects by the participants are available at this link.

Contest Results

The winners were determined using a number of criteria: compliance with the topic, game logic, creativity, quality of sound and animation, complexity and multi-leveledness. The games were evaluated by volunteers and participants of the BeginIT project.

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We are glad to congratulate all the winners! They will receive prizes and certificates for winning the Contest!


Group 1 - Gerney del Toro
Group 2 - Juan Sebastian Yocupicio Garcia
Group 3 - Angelo Sneider Barrera Villareal
Group 4 - Enyers Rosales
Group 5 -Maria del Milagro Chucas

Another participant was selected as the winner of the additional prize.

Additional prize - Antonio Gutiérrez Isidro

We thank all the participants of the contest and our teachers! We hope that such events will further motivate our participants!