BeginIT is 9 years old!
28 September 2021, Tuesday

BeginIT's birthday is September 28, and this year the project turns 9 years old!
BeginIT began in 2012, when it was founded as the social and educational project under the Sinet Team umbrella. You can find out more here.
In 2019 the project expanded to other countries and continents. For more than two years now, we have been conducting classes around the world in programming, web, and game development on our training platform.

At the moment, 115 educational institutions from 12 countries are participating in the project. This year we were joined by students from Brazil, Africa, and Latin America, and we even welcomed participants from such new countries as Kenya and Ecuador.

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Participants are always trying to learn more, and many of them have serious plans to pursue a career in programming.

“Thanks to the classes, I learned about the internet. I found out that it is a vast network that connects computers around the world. You can share information and communicate with people all over the world! It's simply amazing!" – Joy Okori of the Sparkle Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

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"The Evelyn Foundation joined the BeginIT project in 2020, and we have started teaching the children how to program using games. This is a great opportunity for the children. They're delighted to be learning something new and to be studying programming languages," – Judi Adriana Soler Franco, school teacher, Bogota, Columbia.

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“This is a great opportunity for kids to launch their IT careers. Your project is geared towards children who enjoy coding and can develop their skills to create a future for themselves.” – Juliana Arenas, a teacher from Colombia.

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“I think that a project like this is very useful. Children are always attracted to games as well as lessons that make use of games. And if they are interested in and like them, then they provide a great way of learning.” – Yakov Spiridonov, computer science teacher at the Ytyk-Kyuyo Secondary School Named After A.I. Sofronova, Tattinsky District.

We recently posted a video interview with a student from Nigeria, Adeosan Ayomide, in the section about talented students who are interested in learning.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch this and other videos about our wonderful students from different countries.

The BeginIT site helps kids navigate the world of information technology more easily. We regularly publish interviews with developers, testers, and other professionals with various IT specialisms, where they share their professional secrets. On the site we also publish articles about our teachers and volunteers.

We invite community centers and charitable non-profit organizations to help out, as well as interested programming teachers to share their knowledge and experience. Please write to concerning any questions you may have.

We would like to congratulate all students, teachers, and volunteers on the occasion of BeginIT's birthday! Thank you for your interest and for growing together with us!