404 Day: Holiday not found
05 April 2021, Monday

April 4 is a sort of unofficial holiday for all webmasters, web developers, web designers, and anyone working with website creation and development. Why? Well, the decimal form of this date coincides with 404, the 'not found' error code. April 4 is also, incidentally, International Internet Day.

It's hard to imagine how much work and effort is put in behind the scenes of any website you use every day. A webmaster develops and creates the website's structure and appearance, makes sure that everything works as it should, fixes bugs, and has lots of other duties.

The word "webmaster" was first used by Tim Berners-Lee in the Style Guide for Online Hypertext in 1992. Thirty years later, webmasters have one of the most in-demand jobs on the market.

Webmaster' is an all-encompassing term that includes web designers, moderators, programmers, system admins, content managers, technical support staff, and many others.

Our project participants study web programming and know how to actually create websites. Many of them have already tried to make their own sites, and aren't planning to stop there.

Happy 404 Day to everyone who's dedicated - or plans to dedicate - their lives to web development!