World Backup Day
31 March 2021, Wednesday

Almost every day we take photos, shoot videos, create various documents and progress reports, write articles, put together presentations, and add new contacts. It's best, just in case, to copy all of this onto additional media, such as memory cards or an external drive (a hard disk), or to add it to a cloud service. Backing up information is very important, which is why, every year on March 31st, the whole world celebrates World Backup Day.

What is a backup? 

A backup is a reserve copy of all your essential files: family photos, videos, documents, emails, etc. This copy must be stored somewhere other than your computer or phone. 

The History of the Holiday

The holiday was created by a user of the American web resource Reddit (a social news website where registered users can post links to any information they like on the internet). 
March 31 was not chosen at random: it is the eve of April 1, a day when cybercrime can be especially prevalent and inventive. How much information has been irretrievably lost as a result of spiteful pranks, virus attacks, and computer operating system failures!
Adam Jefferson encouraged all users to save important data somewhere other than on their computer. His idea was picked up and grew to become recognised internationally. 


World Backup Day is, first and foremost, a celebration of company system administrators. It is sysadmins who are responsible for preserving corporate data. A system administrator takes care of copying files onto network drives and 1C databases. This day is also celebrated by programmers, content editors, database administrators, etc.

On this day, employees of some companies hold specialized seminars and meetings, where they explain the importance of data copying and conduct master classes. Another great tradition is the copying of data to backup storage. In fact, this is precisely why the holiday was created in the first place. The best gift to give for this holiday is a flash drive or external drive, or a cloud storage subscription.

Interesting Facts and Useful Tips

  • One of the first storage media for a PC was the 1.44 MB floppy disk. A floppy disk could contain several text documents or spreadsheets, or sometimes several low-quality photographs.
  • We recommend making two copies at the same time: one on a flash drive and one on a cloud system. The latter is more reliable as a storage solution. Programs that automatically perform this function are best, as this will save you time.
  • It is worth making copies as often as possible, as this will keep your valuable information significantly safer. It is best to do full file backups once a month.
  • You need to configure the backup creation time in the software itself.
  • The critical age for hard drives is 3 years. After that, the likelihood of data loss becomes much higher.

We urge our readers not to ignore this day when it comes to backing up. After all, you can celebrate the holiday in a very simple way: by creating a backup copy of your data and saving it to a reliable drive. Don't forget to tell all your family and friends about this so that they can do so too!