New members from Colombia
03 March 2021, Wednesday

Today we'd like to introduce you to our members from the Evelyn Fundacion Para Ninos De Bajos Recursos from Bogota, Colombia. This foundation improves the quality of life of children and adolescents from disadvantaged families by providing spiritual and physical rehabilitation through education.

The project's members are currently engaged in distance learning, and lessons have been going on for about two months. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and interest: they want to learn how to program and are finding out more with each lesson.

"The Evelyn Foundation joined the BeginIT project in 2020, and we have started teaching the children how to program in the form of games. This is a great opportunity for them. They're delighted to be learning something new and studying programming languages," remarks Judi Adriana Soler Franco, the group's teacher.

The children from the Evelyn Fundacion Para Ninos De Bajos Recursos also took part in a photo shoot for the project.

We are delighted to have found members who genuinely want to get involved in programming and connect their lives with information technology.

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