Safer Internet Day at BeginIT
25 February 2021, Thursday

Every year on the second Tuesday in February, the world celebrates Safer Internet Day. This year it fell on February 9th.

BeginIT's teachers and members were no exception. They held lessons in which they talked about the rules of behavior on the web. They discussed how to protect one's personal information, network ethics, how to create strong passwords, and more.

We have already written about the rules for staying safe on the internet, and you can read more about them here. They are simple and straightforward, but very important.

Safer Internet Day only comes once a year, but you can take part in the Safer Internet Day campaign and become part of a safe society on the internet, no matter what day or date it is.

We'd like to thank our members for their active participation and desire to learn more. Lessons like these are always useful, not only for young internet users, but for adults too.

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