A Programmer's Dictionary
03 February 2021, Wednesday

We're continuing our monthly series "A Programmer's Dictionary"

Not knowing the right professional terminology makes working in the field very difficult. That's why we regularly introduce you to new concepts to help you expand your vocabulary. Today, you'll learn what the following words mean: customer, commit, link, and more.

The customer, someone who buys a product. We probably don't need to go much further with this word because it's widely used in various fields. In programming, it means the person or company that orders a program or code.

A coworking establishment is a place where anyone can come to work whenever they want. It's a space where you can rent an office or a working spot for a short set period of time.

A coder is a programmer who specializes in coding, i.e., writing source code based on set specifications.

To code means to program or to write program code using any programming language.

A lag is a delay in a program or game's work or processing (often seen in network games) when the program/game doesn't respond to the user's commands.

A lifehack is useful advice or a method that helps quickly resolve a problem with minimum effort.

A link or hyperlink takes you to a website or web resource.

A local network is several computers located in one room or office and connected together in a single network. Local networks are created to make things more convenient for users when sharing printers and scanners.

Keep an eye out for our updates to learn more.