New BeginIT members from Colombia
27 January 2021, Wednesday

Our project is continuing its work. We are currently actively looking for and recruiting new project members throughout Latin America. 
Late last year, three orphanages from Mexico and Colombia joined us, amounting to 29 more children who want to bring information technology and programming into their lives.

Recently, the first programming lessons for children were held at Héroes y Valientes Fundación Silvia Colmenares in Bucaramanga, Colombia. This new group has nine children aged 12 to 16 who are now studying remotely.

"Today, thanks to the Héroes y Valientes Fundación Silvia Colmenares and BeginIT, we started this ambitious project to teach the Python programming language to the foundation's children. This is a great opportunity both to teach and to learn from them. I'm starting 2021 with this wonderful project!" — Juliana Arenas, group teacher.

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Children from the Color Y Esperanza foundation in Choco, Colombia also had their first lessons. Six children are studying programming in the foundation's IT classroom with their teacher, Jhonier Lemos. 

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Welcome to our new members! We're so happy to have found more people who share our passion and want to get involved in programming, and to bring more information technology into their lives!