2020 Summary
30 December 2020, Wednesday

      For the BeginIT project, 2020 was a very interesting, albeit difficult year. Many things have happened during this time: at the beginning of the year, 55 remote rural schools in Yakutia joined us, in March participants in our project switched to distance learning in schools during the lockdown, and many orphanages and schools are now learning programming online from home.

      2020 was a very tricky year for our participants. But we are very glad that, despite the increased volume of independent work and homework due to distance learning in the school curriculum, many of our students are not discouraged and are learning new and useful things with our project.

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       There are currently about 800 participants in the project, from 95 orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools in Russia, Peru, Ecuador, India, Indonesia and other countries. Next year, we plan to start teaching in other new countries and settlements and to expand the project even more, giving more children the chance to realise their potential in the IT field and find their way in life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our participants and teachers!

We wish you success and many more interesting new tasks and lessons!