A Programmer's Dictionary
16 December 2020, Wednesday

Today, we're continuing our series "A Programmer's Dictionary".

We're enhancing our vocabulary with the professional jargon used by programmers. You'll learn many interesting words, such as: interface, intranet, and code review.

Code review is a systematic check of programming code or a software review to find and fix bugs and errors.

Information technology, or IT for short, is all things dealing with storing, transferring, and processing information and data.

An indicator is an electronic circuit, appliance, or device with a light panel. The indicator visualizes changes in any parameter, object, or device status.

The interface is a system of connecting input/output ports of external devices like a keyboard, display, plotter, tape recorder, or disk drive.

An info bar is a panel that displays the latest messages or actions performed by the system.

Online recruitment is a method of searching for candidates of all levels via the Internet. Subject-specific websites, social media, and even forums are used as recruitment sources.

An intranet is a distributed corporate network designed to provide employees with access to corporate info resources. The intranet portal provides the company's internal news