International Hour of Code Event
30 November 2020, Monday

The Hour of Code event takes place around the world every year in early December. This year, it falls on December 7-13. We encourage all our participants and teachers to support and take part in this event.

The Hour of Code is a global movement that engages several million participants from over 180 countries. Anyone can be an organizer or participant. 
During this campaign, adults and children are educated about programming as a professional developer and about new technologies. They are also offered the chance to try some programming themselves.

The Hour of Code aims to introduce participants to programming in a simple and fun way to show that it's easier than it seems, and to engage them in STEM disciplines.
Programming helps develop problem-solving skills, logic, and ingenuity. Students can acquire the necessary skills that come in handy for any profession.

Why only an hour? That's more than enough time to understand that programming is a fun and creative process. Anyone can enjoy it regardless of their knowledge level.

You can find lesson plans that don't require computers here.

Visit the event's official website to find games and tasks especially created by Hour of Code™.