10 tips for distance learning
16 November 2020, Monday

Online distance learning began to actively develop in the early 2000s, as the relevant technology appeared and made it possible. 
Every year, e-learning has increased in popularity, and one can hardly imagine it without the internet. 
Quarantine and self-isolation played their role in making it a necessity. Now, even more people are transitioning to this form of learning.

To make distance learning even more useful and effective, we've put together 10 hacks. They'll help you increase your productivity and make the educational process easier.

  • Eliminate infoglut

Infoglut is the general flow of information that distracts you from learning. It includes social media, messengers, games, and more. To avoid being distracted while studying, put your phone away or give it to your parents until you're done with your work.

  • Get your desk ready.

A comfy, well-organized workspace is key to successful remote learning. Get everything you might need ready: a comfy chair, desk, bookshelf. Your workspace should encourage you to focus on studying.

  • Stick to the schedule

It's important to stick to your daily routine. Plan your day, remember to take regular breaks, freshen up before your lessons begin, and say no to studying in your pyjamas.

  • Dress up

Even your clothes should put you in a work mindset. Wear something comfy but suitable for studying. You can return to your pyjamas after lessons are over. This will help you to mentally mark the difference between study and leisure time.

  • Stay in shape

It's so important to keep an eye on your health after you switch to distance learning. Remember to keep moving because stretching and physical activity promote blood flow to the brain.

  • Sit correctly

The way you sit affects both your back and your mental state. Try not to hunch over and don't sit too close to your computer monitor. This will help you avoid getting tired too quickly.

  • Watch what you eat

Dont' forget snacks and water! Have a plate of healthy snacks and a glass of water nearby to keep you full and hydrated. It's best to eat during breaks or when lessons are over.

  • Take a break

Remember to take a break from the monitor and your phone. Stand up and stretch, exercise a little, spend some quality time with your pet, or enjoy the fresh air.

  • Remember the rules of online etiquette

It's always important to be polite, on time, and respectful to your classmates and teachers. Remember the online etiquette rules.

  • Watch your schedule

Put a detailed schedule of your lessons together in your own calendar. There are lots of free calendar templates online. You can also hang a printed or handmade calendar on your wall. Just remember to include some time for homework and leisure activities.