Meet the BeginIT project's new participants
23 October 2020, Friday

In September, several more schools joined the BeginIT project's distance-learning program. From Yakutia: Oisk secondary school, Khangalassky district; Elgaisk secondary school, Suntarsky district; Berdigestyakhsk secondary school, Gorny district; Dirin 'AGRO' secondary school, Churapchinsky district; Berdigestyakhsk ulus gymnasium, Gorny district; Kharansk sport secondary school, Megino-Kangalassk district.
Institución Educativa Los Gómez from Itagui, Medellin in Colombia also joined our project.
The kids have already completed the course's Introduction to Computer Science, Web Development, and Game Development.

"We're joining the BeginIT project! Yesterday, September 29, the Growth Point Center opened at our school. Along with this remarkable event, our children started studying your project. They really liked the CodeCombat platform, so we'll continue to explore it. Thanks for this opportunity", said Vyacheslav Safonov, academic advisor of the group from Elgai secondary school.

"Berdigestyakhsk ulus gymnasium has joined the BeginIT project. Our students liked the CodeCombat platform. They find it easy to work with. The study steps are clearly described, and the program is quite comprehensive for the seventh graders. Thank you so much! We're about to launch a Digital Education class, and your platform is a great thing to start teaching computer programming!" wrote Fekla Sidorova from Berdigestyakhsk ulus gymnasium.

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Berdigestyakh secondary school, Gorny district


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Berdigestyakh ulus gymnasium, Gorny district


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Elgai secondary school, Suntarsky district


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 Oi secondary school, Khangalassky district

Computer programming distance learning lasts about 32 weeks. You can choose the following programming languages: Python, JavaScript, and C++. The program itself consists of two semesters that go one after the other and have different difficulty levels. Learning is held in three main areas: computer science, web development, and game development. The program consists of interlinked flash games on a unique platform in which students need to write a specific command in the programming language to move the characters, collect crystals, and fight.
"The study program is suitable for children and teenagers, 12 to 16 years old. The main criteria for participation are the children's interest in IT, and the desire to learn something new and discover the world of programming. 

To apply for the project, schools should fill out a special request form.