Happy Programmer's Day!
11 September 2020, Friday

This year Programmer's Day falls on September 12th. Every year, this holiday is celebrated on the 256th day of the year. This number was not chosen at random; it is the biggest possible number in an 8-bit coding system.

Programmers mark their professional holiday in different ways. In some countries there are even well-established celebration traditions: on this day they order pizza, play board games or play on games consoles, go to festivals, play sports and, of course, program.

The importance of this profession is very difficult to overstate, because everything that surrounds us today is, in one way or another, connected to programming. Some think that programmers only work with computers, but this is far from true. It is no longer possible to imagine our life without gadgets that work on specially-written programs. There are programs for household appliances, and for many other things we need. The importance of a programmer's work, therefore, cannot be overestimated.

Happy Programmer's Day to everyone who cannot imagine their life without programming! We wish you every success as you develop and grow as professionals!