A Programmer's Dictionary
19 August 2020, Wednesday

Sometimes it is not very easy to understand professional programmers, because they use a particular slang. It allows you to speed up communication, because sometimes one word can describe the whole process or replace a long phrase with it.

Today we continue our Programmer's Dictionary and tell you about new terms that will be useful in learning.

Webinar  is a seminar, presentation, or lecture on a specific topic that takes place online, in real time, via the Internet. This term also refers to a recording of such a seminar, which took place in the past and was stored in a server or cloud.

Verification  is the verification of a page for authenticity. On the Internet, verification is used to confirm the identity of the account holder (id) on a website.

Workshop is a training event for workers from a particular field of activity, for example, programmers, photographers, designers, etc. The workshop is based on the acquisition of experience and practical skills that cannot be obtained by having studied the theory. Workshop are mainly focused on practice.

Web programming is one of the branches of programming aimed to create web applications. All websites that we use every day are created by web programming technology. Web developers use special client and server programming languages.

A virus is a program that damages other programs on the computer, a type of malicious software. The virus is able to inject itself into the code of other programs and distribute copies of itself through other communication channels. A virus can be accidentally downloaded from the Internet, and if an antivirus is not installed on the computer, it can damage files and programs.

Always be careful when downloading files from the network. Be sure to check them with antivirus software!

Stay tuned for updates and learn new things with us.

If you have words, the meanings of which you want to know, write to us and we will explain everything.