A Programmer's Dictionary
16 July 2020, Thursday

We continue the section “A Programmer's Dictionary”, where we introduce our readers to the terms used by professional programmers.
These words help programmers to quickly convey their thoughts and understand each other easily.

We would like to update your vocabulary with some new interesting words.

Bug - an error in the code or program due to which the results of the program execution are incorrect.
Most bugs are due to errors made by the developers of the program in its source code. Usually, bugs are fixed during testing and debugging of the program.

Brainstorm - a way to create and form new ideas or solve existing problems very quickly.
A quick method of solving a problem, in which the participants in the discussion are invited to express many solutions. The participant can put forward any ideas, even the most unrealistic. Then the best options are selected, which will be further used in practice."

Backup - backing up data with the possibility of their reverse recovery. For example, backup is used when installing the operating system on a computer. The backup copy of the system is stored in a specific place (portable hard drive or flash card), so that if something happens, you can quickly and easily install it again.

Browser - a program with which you can browse websites (web pages), in other words, access the Internet. The most popular browsers these days are Chrome, Opera, Mozilla firefox. Browsers can save browsing history. In addition, you can add bookmarks to them to quickly open your favorite page.

Ban - restriction of any user rights, account, for example: prohibit leaving comments, go to the site. The ban is valid only on the page where the restriction of a particular user was laid. The ban can be temporary or permanent. User restrictions are set by the moderator, page administrator or resource creator (owner). After the ban expires, the administrator removes the restrictions.

We wish our future programmers many beautiful codes without bugs!

Stay tuned and learn new things with us.

If there are some words you wish to know the meaning of, write to us and we will explain everything.