My IT profession: a graphic and motion designer, Vyacheslav Borisov
25 June 2020, Thursday

Graphic design is an integral part of the modern world, a visual language which helps to transmit any information quickly and accurately. 
The world around is full of examples of the use of graphic design: labels, books and magazines, television, billboards and websites. 

The profession of a graphic designer is one of the most sought-after in the field of information technology. There are many different specialties: a motion designer, a web designer, a visualizer, a website and application interface designer, a game designer.

In the #MyITprofession sectionof our blog, Vyacheslav Borisov, inDriver's graphic and motion designer will tell us about what skills you need to master and what to do to become a professional in this field.

  • Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Slava, I am a motion designer at inDriver. I have been working in this profession for a long time, I even can say since my childhood ????

  • Why did you choose this profession?

Once upon a time in about 6th grade, my parents bought a computer for me and my brother. There was Photoshop. My brother at that time was fond of website development, and it turned out that I became his first designer. I couldn't understand then where it would lead me and could not even imagine that it would become my favorite work and my hobby.

  • Where did you study?

I seriously started to engage in graphic design only in 2013, mastering only Photoshop. At that time, there were almost no good courses or lessons. I had to explore and learn by myself.
I studied new skills and programs only through video tutorials on Youtube. Later, interesting channels with high-quality content about graphic design started to appear.

  • What is the most interesting part of your work?

There is no limit of perfection in our profession. Trends change, programs are being updated, new functions appear, etc. Learning other programs was easier, because the functions of all graphic applications are somehow similar to Photoshop functions.
The most interesting thing in our work is that it is seen by thousands, even millions of people. Every day there are new interesting tasks, goals, aspirations. Also a big advantage is that you can work remotely, wherever you are, if you have a laptop, you can work.

  • What is your source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration can be anything, it depends on my mood. Very often I surf such websites as Dribbble, Behance or listen to my favorite music. Sometimes even an ordinary banner on the street can become a source of inspiration.

  • What should those interested in getting into the same field of work be aware of?

It’s not so difficult to become a graphic designer. Education, the ability to draw by hand, artistic thinking, everything is not so important, even age does not matter. But the most important thing is dedication and a desire to learn, the ability to find solutions to a particular problem. Now graphics programs have become very easy, just watch a few online lessons, the rest will come by itself.
I'll give you two tips. Don't study several programs at the same time, I speak from experience. And beware of information noise.


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