Congratulations on International Children's Day!
01 June 2020, Monday

The BeginIT project congratulates all participants on International Children's Day!
It is celebrated by more than 60 countries around the world. This day is another chance to recall how important it is to protect and respect children's rights to life, freedom, education, recreation and entertainment. No child should suffer from physical or psychological abuse. 

Our project involves more than 600 children from 89 orphanages, shelters and remote rural schools in Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Indonesia and India. We give them the opportunity to get a basic understanding of IT education, which is so interesting and important in the modern world.  In addition, the high demand for IT professionals makes it a guarantee of a good future. 

Not all of them will go on to pursue programming as a career, but they will have the freedom to choose their own path. 
We are grateful to all the people, including our teachers and mentors, who do so much to ensure that children are healthy and happy and develop mentally and physically. We wish every child the chance to grow up happy, learn, and do what they loves.