IT professions of the future
12 May 2020, Tuesday

Nowadays the world is changing fast.
New technologies constantly come into our life, and people barely have time to get used to them. New terms and concepts no one has heard of before appear every day. And new professions, closely related to information technology appear with them. Moreover, the existing professions are also changing, adjusting to the new reality.

Now being able to program is not suprising. Experts who are able to work at the junction of different fields will soon be in demand. And we need to be prepared for it in advance.
New professions are already emerging, such as VR architects or cyberspace lawyers. Here is a list of professions in different fields that either already are or will be in high demand shortly. 

Creative IT professions

3D animator
It is a creator of images using 3D animation technology, who does not only draw, but also animates a 3D world.

Flash animator
It is an artist who creates animated games, videos, screensavers and other objects using a special program.

Computer graphics artist
He is engaged in the creation of images using electronic graphic editors.

Product Designer
He makes websites, programs or applications not only visualy appealing, but also user-friendly. His task is to make the product attractive and functional at the same time.

Web designer
The artist of the Internet project, is responsible for his external attractiveness.Works with web developers and internet marketing services.

UX designer
Creates a user-friendly design that simplifies the process of using the website.


Frontend developer
Specializes in user interface development. The product of his activity is that part of the website that users see in the browser.

Backend developer
He is engaged in the development of the internal part of the site or application.

Embedded Programmer
Carries out the development, creation and implementation of software, including testing at each stage.

QA engineer
A specialist who carries out testing of the project at the entire stage of its development in order to quickly detect errors and deviations from a given course and timely adjust the development process.

Systems Analyst
Automates the processes associated with software development from the moment the technical formulation of the problem to the elimination of errors identified during testing at the development stage.

Game developer
His competence includes the development and creation of the gaming universe: writing code, developing a visual component, approving a concept, managing the entire process of creating a game, and so on.


IT Medic
This is an IT specialist who works with Big Data and is responsible for organizing.

Medical Equipment Architect
He designs medical devices and accompanies their creation at all stages. For this work, knowledge of physics, anatomy, physiology and programming will be required.

Genetic consultant
The profession of genetic counselor will be in demand and highly paid, because
studies of the genome of patients will allow to diagnose hereditary diseases, to identify and predict the course of the disease.

Clinical Bioinformatics
This specialist is needed if the disease is in a non-standard scenario. He builds a model of processes in the body to understand in detail what is happening with systems at all levels.


Developer of intelligent control systems for dynamic scheduling
Given the development of unmanned aircraft, this specialty is necessary. Already, developers are needed to create software that controls air traffic.

Unmanned Aircraft Interface Designer
Now unmanned civilian air transport is being tested with might and main. And therefore, the question of programmers providing the operation of navigation and safety systems for aircraft is urgently raised.

The world of information technology is vast, new professions appear every day and their list is growing. It is possible that your future profession does not exist yet.
Develop your skills and abilities, and the IT field may become exactly the one in which you will reach professional heights and unlock your potential.