Time for growth
06 May 2020, Wednesday

Current events in the world and distance learning are not the reason to drop the study. On the contrary - now is the most suitable time for growth.
It's quite possible to continue learning programming from home, so you don't have to catch up later in a hurry.
The participants of the BeginIT project agree. Those who have an opportunity to learn from home will continue to program and won't stop learning. Our students shared their thoughts about distance learning and set an example to encourage others to keep learning.

“During self-isolation children are realizing the importance of the BeginIT project, and continue studying remotely. They understand that IT industry professionals are in high demand, and want to get a fundamental basis to master this new field of knowledge. Children are drawn to education through games. Indeed, each new level represents a more complex and interesting story than the previous one. It motivates and excites them,” says Matrena Vasilievna, the curator of a group of #1 Khomustakh secondary school in Namsky disctrict, Yakutia.

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Pupils the Chakyrskaya secondary school, Amginsky district, joined BeginIT in March of this year. Ten 6th and 8th grade students take  part in the project. They quickly mastered this type of learning through games and enjoy it a lot.

“Nowadays, due to the current situation in the country, all schools have been transferred to distance learning. But education continues at home. Students actively study at home using smartphones and laptops” - says the curator and teacher of the group, Z.N. Ivanova.

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8 participants from Chakyr secondary school named after Erilik Eristina from the village of Dirin, Churapchinsky district, joined the project mid-March.

“This ressource is unique for its unusual form of presenting information. Most well-known services for teaching programming languages involve studying theory and solving numerous tasks, but here the assignments are turned into a real game”, say Chakyr school project participants.

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Pupils from the Arylakh secondary school of the Churapchinsky district also joined the project this spring. They shared their feedback on the learning platform:

“CodeCombat is an educational game that teaches JavaScript and Python programming languages. Everything is clear. If you understand the codes, it becomes more interesting and easier. In my opinion, all students interested in programming languages ​​should try CodeCombat, ”- says one of the pupils Nyurgun Potapov, from 9th grade.

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“The game is very interesting, it's good. It’s easy to play. I really like it. The game develops acumen, attentiveness and helps to learn English. Each level comes with more codes,” says Nariyana Syromyatnikova, from 7th grade.

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“CodeCombat is a very captivating game for children. It has such an understandable and interesting algorithm that my students keep learning by themselves during self-isolation” - says I. Bekyanov, Physics and Informatics teacher at the Arylakhskaya secondary school named after T.M.Kazhenkin.


Marcela Sepulveda, the curator of a group from an orphanage in Medellin, Colombia, says she doesn’t teach girls anything specific, but simply guides them and helps them find knowledge on their own. Therefore, despite the fact that classes are now being run remotely, girls get the most out of each lesson.

“Now they are studying new material in a completely different format. Fortunately, they are all in touch with me and we communicate very warmly despite the very specific subject of programming. I miss them, I would like to be with them and say as usual after class: "See you next week." But for now, we only see each other on the computer screen,” she says.

Girls from Medellin are not discouraged, they study and send letters to the rest of the students with words of support.

Sara Osorno: “I am upset at what is happening in the world, but I believe that we need to look at it from a different point of view and appreciate what we have and continue to develop. We've got a lot of free time, you need to use it and enrich your knowledge, to be positive and active. We shall not stop!”

Aura Taborda: “What do I think about virtual lessons? I think this is very useful and I am learning something new in every lesson. I would like to attend lessons in real life, but we must stay safe and wait a bit.”

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We urge all our participants not to suspend classes, but to study independently from home. Classes on the CodeCombat platform are great for homeschooling. Intuitive learning will help you better understand the subject and will be the key to success.
Be sure to contact your class and your curator if you have any difficulties in completing the levels.
Don't forget about precautions - take care of yourself and your loved ones.