BeginIT Challenge 2019: Winners
03 March 2020, Tuesday

At the end of last year, the BeginIT Challenge 2019 was held as part of the socio-educational project. 14 teams from orphanages, rural schools and boarding schools from Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Mexico participated in the contest. For three months, the guys developed their projects in teams.
The main criteria for projects were social significance and practical use. In addition, factors such as technological solution, idea, design and completeness of the presentation project were evaluated.

photo_2020-02-10_17-09-19.jpg (110 KB)
The team from the Verkhnevilyuyskiy orphanage took third place in the competition. They presented their website about reforestation based on HTML / CSS. They got two LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 design kits. Using 3D instructions, they will be able to assemble a robot model and program it. We hope that thanks to this set, the guys will continue to explore the fascinating world of programming.

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Prizes for second place were received by students of Kyllakh school from Olekminsky district. The Tuskul team presented a draft of a digital book about their home island called “The Glorious Isle of Kyllah”. The team received a prize - two sets of Lego Mindstorms EV3.

As a result of the competition, the first place was taken by a team from Bogotá, Colombia. Pupils of the orphanage Fundación Ecosueños created a site dedicated to first aid for victims of natural disasters. Last week, prizes were handed over to the winners, they were very happy about the new computers and the Internet connection paid for the whole year in advance.

We hope that this will help them in their further education! Congratulations!

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